Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Face....The Imagination of a Child

Imagination is a great thing! I love looking at life through the curious eyes of my 2 year old. At every bend there is something new and exciting, under every rock a creature to discover, beyond his reach is an adventure just waiting to unfold. Matthew is curious, spontaneous, spirited and a funny little thing. This morning was one of those mornings that started with the 'imagination' on high and it just set the mood for the rest of day so far.
I made toast (cuban toast) for breakfast this morning and as I was piddling around in the kitchen I hear the exclaimation of my son "WOW!, Look Mama, look!!! As any good mother I rush over to see what could be so spectacular...he shows me his bread (the pic above) and with a smile from ear to ear, he proudly proclaims "A Happy Face". I couldn't help but to grab my phone and snap a pic of his AMAZING TOAST. He continued to eat joyfully and between mouthfuls I could hear him exclaim "I eat Happy Face".

How cute is that? I love the imagination of a child!!!

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